Product Solutions

  • Self adhesive Labels with Multi color printing – Paper , Clear and Opaque Films , Metallic  Substrates
  • Security Labels – Holograms , Tamper Proof Vinyl
  • Multi Layer Labels
  • Clear labels for thin diameter vials
  • Braille Labels
  • Variable Data Printing (Bar codes , QR Codes , Serial Numbers , Random Numbers)
  • Scratch off Labels and Tags
  • Varnishing ( UV / Aqueous / Drip Off / Textured)
  • Lamination (Matte/Gloss)
  • Metallic Effects (Hot / Cold Foil Stamping)
  • Embossing
  • Silk Screen Printing
  • Specialty Ink Printing
  • Labels in Sheet Form / Roll Form / Continuous Stationery
  • Tea Bag Tags and Envelopes
The Booklet Labels are used in cases where there is a requirement for more information than a conventional label.
  • Multiple languages
  • Usage instructions
  • Promotions
The label performs a function as part of the package.
  • Re closable Label for Wet wipes Tissues
  • Piggyback Labels
  • Tamper proof indication
  • Temperature indication
  • The multi layer labels have more space than conventional labels with different options like
  • Peel and reveal
  • Peel and reseal
  • Pressure-Sensitive Labels Filmic labels for glass bottles and transparent PET Bottles and finished with product enhancing looks and effects like Foiling, Varnishes etc.
    • UL Approved labels for electronics and electrical industries.
    • Various textured label stocks for wine labels.
    • FDA approved label stocks for pharmaceutical and food grade labeling.
    • Shrink Sleeve labels offering 360 degree product decoration
    • Smallest Volumes and test launches possible
    PET is a recyclable material that is used in the packaging field enhances the shelf appeal of the product. The product stands out through the transparent material. With multicolor printing and special effects the package is eye-catching.
    Based on our experience and in depth knowledge of the materials, adhesives, substrates, inks etc. we provide the most suitable label for your application. Utilizing various production technologies we can produce labels from a few thousands to huge volumes within an economical price and timeframe.